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Item: 9A-TMR-820D

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  • English system
  • Support Fahrenheit and Celsius switching
  • Measure Body and Surface temperature
  • Memorization of the last 34 measurements
  • Three color backlighting (below37.5C, show green,37.5~38C,show orange;above 38C, show red)
  • Non-contact measuring temperature accurately.
  • It can reduce the risk of virus spread effectively.
  • Reading temperature display quickly. The response time is only 0.5s.
  • Accuracy is more or less than 0.3Deg.C (6Deg.F).
  • 34 Measurement data can be saved.
  • Different temperature range and different back light.
  • Safe to use: When the temperature is over than a certain degree, this thermometer will ring at once.
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